Terms & Conditions


MINIMUM LEASE: One (1) day (24 hours). After the 25th hour, a full day is charged.
RENT TIME EXTENSION: If the rental period is extended, the tenant will have to notify at least 48 hours before the lease expires.
DELIVERY-DELIVERY: Car delivery and pickup is free of charge at the airport, port and hotels (except for F / B Poundas-Antiparos).
DRIVING LICENSE: The renter must have a Greek, European (for EU countries) or International (for non-EU countries) driving license.
PAYMENT METHOD: Cash or with the following credit cards: Viza, MasterCard and American Express.
FALSE: All fines and administrative penalties are charged to the lessee.
LOSS OF KEYS: If the tenant loses the vehicle keys, he pays 200 € for all car categories.
SAFETY: Lease prices include simple third-party security.
NON-INSURED COVERAGE: The renter is relieved of liability for any damage to the car (except the first 450 €) if he accepts the terms of the mixed insurance and he / she pays for each rental day for categories A - 7 € and B , C, D and E 10 € extra. Provided that the damage is not due to a violation of the CPC Tire destruction and damage to the underside of the car are not covered by the mixed fuse.
FUEL: Expenditure on used petrol is borne by the lessee.
It is forbidden to load the cars on ships without the written approval of our office.
PRICE ADJUSTMENTS: Terms and prices can be modified without prior notice after approval by the GNTO.


In order to confirm your reservation and rental, you will be asked to prepay 50% of the total amount by the online booking process. The rest is paid once you have picked up the car on the island of Paros.


1st Method: Visa Card, MasterCard, Visa Electron, Maestro (Debit Card) through a secure connection with Aplha Bank.
2nd method: Deposit advanced to a bank
3rd method: Paypal


Rental Ages:
The minimum rental age is 23 years for car categories A, B, C, D, E for all car categories.
The maximum rental age is 75 years.
Driving License Requirements:
For the rental process of your vehicle, we need a valid European or international driving license issued at least one year ago.